HTML5 games to drive revenue

HTML5 (H5) games are on the rise, and the rise of these web-based, click-to-play casual games represents an opportunity for both game developers and non-gaming publishers.

The beauty of H5 games is that they can be played anywhere and on any device. These games are accessible to anyone via an app or a web browser, on mobile or desktop. Coupled with the growing casual gaming trend, you’ve probably seen people immersed in H5 games like “Daily Solitaire” and “Jewel Blocks.”

H5 games’ rise has also been fueled by recent advancements in H5 gaming technology, which have made these games easier to create and integrate across platforms, and their gameplay as immersive as that of gaming apps. Third-party game engines, such as Cocos, have made it even easier for game developers to create rich, 3D web-based games that are playable across platforms.

With the global H5 games market expected to grow from $832.21 million in 2022 to $2.69 billion by 20271, game developers and non-gaming publishers, such as websites and apps, have an opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of H5 gaming. The growth strategy is as follows: acquire new users, increase user engagement, and create new revenue streams.

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