Frontier (supercomputer)

Frontier, or OLCF-5, is the world’s first exascale supercomputer, hosted at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) in Tennessee, United States. It is the successor to Summit (OLCF-4). As of June 2022 Frontier is the world’s fastest supercomputer. Frontier has been measured to achieve an Rmax of 1.102 exaFLOPS.

Frontier uses a combination of AMD Epyc 7A53s 64 core CPUs and Radeon Instinct MI250X GPUs, and occupies 74 19-inch (48 cm) rack cabinets. Frontier has coherent interconnects between CPUs and GPUs, allowing GPU memory to be accessed coherently by code running on the Epyc CPUs.

The machine was built at a cost of US$600 million. It began deployment in 2021 and reached full capability in 2022. It has been clocked at 1.1 exaflops Rmax as of May 2022 making it the world’s fastest supercomputer as measured in the June 2022 edition of the TOP500 list, replacing Fugaku.

The supercomputer also tops the related Green500 list for most efficient supercomputer, measured at 62.68 gigaflops/watt. Frontier consumes 21 MW (compared to its predecessor Summit’s 13 MW); it has been estimated that Frontier’s successor, Aurora, will consume around 60 MW.

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