How to Boil Egg Properly

Egg boiling is a tricks and Fun. We need to properly cooked the egg. A research shows that a proper boiling temperature is above 90C. Egg shells normally made up of calcium carbonate. That means you need to cook them properly , Because calcium carbonate causes running nose and eyelashes. So prevention and care is better then cure.

Steps to Boil the Egg perfectly

  • Choose a clean pan and place a fresh egg with out breaking shell at the middle of the pan
  • Fill up the pan with water , Choose cold or moderate water to boil the egg
  • Wait until the water goes rise till the stovetop
  • After 4 and half minutes remove the pan from heat
  • A perfect Hard boiled egg require 6 minutes

How To preserve a boiled Egg

  • Please remember only 7 days last to store a boiled egg
  • Try to use the boiled egg within 3 day’s of cook
  • Bacteria after 3 day’s starting prevailing around shell
  • The best way to preserver the boiled egg in a container such as wood covered container
  • Food container in the refrigerators

How to check the freshness of Eggs

  • A spoiled egg floats on the water
  • A fresh egg sinks into the water
  • If the egg sink flat in the bowl it is fresh
  • If the egg yolk moving continuously while you pick up do not choose this egg
  • A fresh egg has a unique outer shell and a clear smell

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